Bellfire Fireplaces FAQ

Q. Will a BELLFIRE® provide heat like a metal air-curculating fireplace?

A. More so. A BELLFIRE® will privide ample heat without the grills & fans. The special refractory material of the Rosin radiates a comfortable warmth into the room. This type of system has been in use in Europe for over 55 years.

Q. What kind of material is used to manufacture the BELLFIRE® system?

A. The material used is the same as that used for industrial furnaces: i.e. a refractory castable, completely fireproof to 3000° F., and will never rust out!

Q. From the heat produced, do any parts of the unit crack?

A. Hair line cracking is normal with refractory castables. The safety, efficiency, and longevity of the unit is not affected. Cracking can be minimized by starting out with several small fires.

Q. Is a metal grate necessary?

A. If the BELLFIRE® is installed without the refractory hearth, then a metal grate could be used. Optimum efficiency is accomplished by building the fire directly on the special refractory hearth. When using a metal grate you elevate the wood, thus drawing more cold air into the firebox and cooling the temperature of the fire. The Rosin burns wood completely, not only increasing the efficiency of the fireplace but also reducing the formation of creosote.

Q. What about an ash dump?

A. Because of complete combustion, the resulting ashes are very fine and are easily cleaned out. No ash dump is required.

Q. Why does the BELLFIRE® draw so well?

A. The aerodynamic design of the Rosin has been completely and carefully calculated to provide a fireplace system that, when combined with a properly constructed chimney and adequately balanced room pressure, will not smoke.

Q. Why is the BELLFIRE® firebox so shallow?

A. The BELLFIRE® appears more shallow than it really is. A tipical installation, in new construction, has a finished depth of between 19" and 23", and a width of around 36".

Q. Can you burn coal or other fuels in a Rosin fireplace?

A. The BELLFIRE® fireplace is designed to burn wood.